Song Farm – 2.-6. June 2019

Each year the two Norwegian companies Bisi Music and daWorks Music Publishing invites professional nordic and international songwriters and artists to SONG FARM at beautiful Saltögården on Saltö Island in Sweden, just across the border from Norway (approx. 2 hours drive south of Oslo). Saltögården was build especially for musicians and each house has a grand piano.

Over the course of three days 30 songwriters will each day participate in new songwriting teams. In total 11 teams will be announced at breakfast each morning. 10-12 artists who needs songs for their upcoming  recording projects will join the teams for co-writing. The brand new songs will be presented each night at around 22.00.

There are sleeping arrangements at the farm for all songwriters and artists, most rooms with beds for 2-4 people. All songwriters arrive on Sunday night and writing will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Check out is Thursday. Most particpants fly into Oslo and we will arrange a bus that leaves from Oslo late Sunday afternoon – returning Thursday early afternoon.

• • •